Reviving Ruskin

Germansville, PA


The house was already well under construction; walls up, windows installed, with all utilities in place when the homeowners fell in love with Scott’s new Ruskin series cabinetry at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. They asked him to redesign the kitchen using Ruskin elements, but not to change the predetermined locations of built in appliances and fixtures. As this was to be one of the first installations of Ruskin, it needed not only to fulfill the requirements of the homeowners, but also to demonstrate the particular design characteristics of the series.

Picking up on the bands of divided light windows used throughout the house, Scott composed groupings of divided lights of exactly the same size, and sized the door panels, cabinet face frames and pilasters to flow rhythmically around the room. Precise proportional relationships between horizontal and vertical elements, inherent in Ruskin, are reinforced by panel groupings, bracketed by strong corners and adjustments in profile. Faceted corner posts are used instead of Classical pilasters or turnings, and the curving faces continue around the perimeter of the walnut island, which showcases a stunning Witch Elm Burl work top. The room has a highly ordered geometry, yet breathes a uniquely warm personality.


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Scott Stultz

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