Scott A. Stultz & Associates was founded in 1997 as a multi-disciplinary design practice, focused on cabinetry and furniture product design, and residential interior architecture. Scott sees art and design as inseparable parts of a whole. Educated in fine art, industrial design and architecture, his thought leadership in product development has influenced kitchen and bath designers for more than a quarter century. The distinctive and diverse styles he has quietly produced are perennial best sellers for some of the most respected names in custom cabinetry, and his hand illustrated design guides are unique in the industry. A constant observer of his built surroundings as well as the natural world, he is rarely without a sketchbook. His design work is strongly influenced by his sensibilities as an artist. Foregoing market trends in favor of an in depth understanding of the needs and values of his clients, whether manufacturers, architects and designers, or homeowners, Scott’s work is always fresh, relevant, and durable.

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